Luxe Love

To me Luxe Love represents a feeling of hope and beauty.

My personal "brand" of Luxe Love is simply: clean air, clean food, clean water for all. I also really enjoy the sensual pleasures that are quality food, movement, comfort, mother nature and etheral fragrance .. and the bliss of meditation practice.

The Aesthetic offers lovely little vibe raising accoutrements for your dresser top, bookshelf or vanity, in other words, your altar. These gold foil custom astrology charts are designed for years of cherished love, especially when used during ritual or for following your Lunar Cycle.

It also looks nice just sitting there, maybe next to your favorite candle.

Luxe Love is an ingredient in my self-care recipe .. however you practice the art of up leveling your vibe, I invite you to feel into the power of Luxe Love and what it means for you.

Love, only love. xoAimee