Aimee's 9 Things & Nice Words From Nice Humans

Hi, my name is Aimee Hanson and I create things that co-create change. 

Here's 9 things to know about me

      1. I took the vow to walk as love #priestessinitiate
      2. I love photography. Thanks, Dad!
      3. I love visual communications. Thanks, Mom!
      4. Blues & Steel Drums 
      5. Forever reading
      6. Photoshop and Canva (a lot)
      7. Community driven (check out my f*ree meditation on Insight Timer)
      8. I am a certified professional astrologer through Astro Butterfly
      9. I am an energy healer, here's my website 

    Co-Create Change? I created the goddess aesthetic custom gold foil brand because this is something I wanted to buy for myself and couldn't find on the market. Since I began testing, I see that STAYING CONSISTENT with NEW INTENTIONS is always more fun with gold foil prints placed around to remind you of your dreams.

    love, only love. xoAimee

    Nice Words about my Gold Foil Astrology Charts:

    🦋  "Aimee is the best! Thank you, I love it and I love you SO much!" - Rachelle

    🦋  "I am in love with your print and have been getting so many compliments.  I have it hanging on my wall and have just started having people over.  I will be sure to send more people your way." - Courtney

    🦋   "You are so sweet, and I am completely excited! Total complete glorious perfection. You truly have found your calling!" - Kailani

    🦋  "Wow!  I'm beyond stoked" - Bella

    🦋  "Thank you. This is amazing." - Kelley

    🦋  "Oh my gosh! This is perfect. And so beautiful.  I’m so excited to gift this to them. They are going to love it. Thank you for your time and great care that you put into each piece!" - Kelley (a repeat customer)

    🦋  "Hi Aimee!! WOW- you NAILED Danielle!!! Thank you so much, the chart looks great!!! I so hope we get to meet next time I am home!! One day I’ll treat myself to one of your beautiful charts too!!" - Jenna

    🦋  "You’re amazing!! Courtney swoooned big time over hers! Beth will hopefully get hers today and then I’ll send the frame convo from you. You are golden!" -Delphine

    "I appreciate youuu. Ps you’re the bessssst" - Bella

    🦋  "Oh my gosh! Love, love, love. All of it! And I’m so happy you explained how this all works. I had no idea that the 1st house is at the 9:00pm position; that is so cool! And the little stars are perfect. I really appreciate the information about the mattes and frames. I’m asking my husband for his birth time right now, so I can place our order next:) Thank you so much for everything! And your descriptions for Sean & Hayley are spot on! Wow!" - Kelley (repeat client)

    Nice Words about My Astrology Readings:

    🦋 “This experience has allowed me to see myself in a new, inspired and empowered way. Aimee has a vast knowledge in these divination arts and skillfully broke it down into accessible and practical ways for a beginner like me. I appreciate all the resources she recommended and the ability to go back to the recording to learn more. This has catalysed my spiritual growth in a huge way. I’m such a fan I purchased readings for my sons and their partners. Thank you Aimee!” ~ Rochelle

    🦋  "That was great call. I learned a lot." - Chad

    🦋 “You are my favorite support group. Thank you for teaching me all about my astrology. So much sh*t makes sense the more I learn from you. I truly appreciate your guidance, you've helped me so much.” - Taylor H

    🦋 “Aimee seamlessly and effortlessly inspires others by going through and being inspired by her own growing edge, with a fine sense of aesthetic I would like to add.” Olha R

    🦋 “You are blessed with people skills.”- Delphine D

    🦋 “I am so impressed and overwhelmed with your depth of knowledge .. that container you hold and how you conduct your sessions." - Rochelle

    Nice Words about my Lunar Apothecary Monthly Membership:

    🦋 "Beautiful writing. You truly have some skills." - Chad

    🦋 "This feels so resonant and timely. I really appreciate the depth you’ve provided (this reading resonated with me deeply on a visceral level, not just an academic one)." - Paula

    🦋 "Aimee I love your emails and I love you! Thank you for such a beautiful explanation and guidance." - Dani