Planning a ritual? Bring a gold foiled luxe vibe to the altar. The Goddess Aesthetic offers a variety of accoutrement in the shop, suitable for all of your beautiful phases.

Ready to release the old and bring in the new?

Get out of the dark!

Move into more light than before.

The Goddess Aesthetic supports your daily ritual of gently transforming feelings of "not enough" and "whats the use" to feelings of "wow I feel so good about what I just discovered about my energy."

This is your moment to have an ending & new beginning in an otherwise un-gentle world. The workbook can be compared to a support system that is easy & simple, and by the way, it works with any moon phase. I love collaborating with my colleagues and create transformations that invites others' work to the table as well, I believe the more the better when it comes to aligned healing for your highest good.

Your daily ritual, included in the journal/workbook, is a story that you end up weaving through your own symbols .. it is a ritual that encourages your connection with your higher source energy.

My job is to invite you into your infinite truth. Your job is to set aside the time in order to focus on this uplifting, bliss-filled ENTHUSIASTIC yes you are worth it ritual.

The Goddess Aesthetic really is about maintaining a simple daily practice of connecting to your truth. There are houses in astrology that relate to how you communicate, your daily habits and how the house of expansion is serving you. 

Here are the daily rituals:

  1. Astrology Chart: Even if just for a glance - tune into your sun (where you shine), moon (how you feel + relationship with mother)) & asc (how you look at life)
  2. Numerology: Same - your numerology chart is an amazing tool. Remind yourself of your unique energy by meditating on your personal numerology code - set the tone for the day, step into your natural talents & gifts (tip: if you don't have any mind numbers in your core trio and you have a desk job - we need to talk)
  3. Workbook: The workbooks are designed to align you with your natural state, your most pure being - the energy of you. Depending on what workbook title you select, you will deep-dive into your power as a way to stay present during triggering moments. The workbook provides simple tools that inspire your choices, ie; if you have Venus in Leo you will want the bells & whistles that feel & look good while Venus in Capricorn wants to plan the future and dig in the garden. We all have Capricorn & Leo energy within but when applied to Venus, there are general truths because we're talking about earth & fire. Leo is very comfortable taking up space in the room while Capricorn just wants to meet those goals (while taking plenty of time, Caps can be late bloomers). When working with the workbook during ritual, I recommend pulling at least 3 (past, present, future spread) tarot cards to further enhance & deepen your connection to the archetype messages your guides are bringing forward.
(These rituals are in the process of being re-written but the concept remains the same: tune into the energy of you on the daily)

Replace what's boring with more expansion. #Mindfulness