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Series of 3 calls for $250, scheduled over a one month period, so you have time to integrate after each call (and not too much time has passed since the last call to keep the conversation relevant and helpful to your spiritual evolution) ..

1st call: 60 minutes — I’ll cast your natal chart and walk you through your 12 houses, 12 astrological signs and 10 planets, while highlighting the areas of your chart that offer flow and ease, as well as the areas that are asking you to expand and stretch your boundaries. We’ll get up close to your personal planets and I’ll help you sort out “who you are and what you’re meant to be doing” this lifetime through a deep dive into your Sun, Moon and Lunar Nodes (the Sun & Moon are each 50% of your personality while the nodes speak to our karmic past and future potential — showing your natural gifts and what your soul wants to learn this lifetime. Often people who feel “stuck” are working too much in their south node energy and the remedy can be to do more north node work — I will explain this to you. If you don’t feel stuck, this is still an enlightening and helpful conversation). I will also show you your progressed lunation cycle, which often brings a big breakthrough for my clients, it can be a missing link to the puzzle of “oh, that’s why Ive been feeling this way” — an energetic validation of sorts (for example, if you’ve been business building and not getting traction, check your progressed lunation cycle to see what’s really going on — you may be in a 2.5 year gibbous moon phase which is part of the natural lunar cycle to reflect and release; so you can still, of course, work on your business but at a different cadence and intention. This is helpful to know for anybody, not just business people). We’ll also look at key transits in your natal chart that offer positive potential to you.

2nd call: 60 minutes — this call we will explore a new path to self-discovery with Human Design (also based on your birth data and a map of how you are genetically designed to engage with the world, and how your unique inner-guidance system operates — consciously & unconsciously). What Human Design reveals, is that what we were taught to be true about ourselves .. is usually not at all correct for our energy. I will share practical strategies for decision-making — most of the conflicts that arise and resistance you meet in life, stem from the personality trying to manage your life rather than assuming it’s proper role which is to sit back and enjoy the ride. Our personality, or consciousness, is not aware of our design, or unconscious, which is why knowing how to access your intelligence through strategy & authority allows you to live in harmony with all parts of yourself. Things get easier. When you understand yourself and love yourself, you will know who & what is right for you on the external. Topics of conversation during this call are about your personal type, your strategy (break the habit of comparing yourself to others, so you can enjoy who you are and thrive naturally) and authority (how to make decisions that are correct for you) and your life purpose, what you are meant to be spending 80% of your time on at work, and what your brand and prosperity key are. This is very interesting and I love showing you how your own strategy & authority begin to replace the blind faith that most of us place in any and all authorities outside of ourselves. Bring your questions!

3rd call: 60 minutes — this call we will deepen into an area of your choice, something we discussed previously or, if you would like to deepen into yet another method of understanding yourself, I am a Gene Keys Guide and we can spend this time focusing on your Venus Sequence. The VS is a journey into your connection with other people and your emotions around these connections. This is a fast moving call with a lot to take in, it is an introduction of my longer Venus Sequence Workshop, which is one of my favorite journeys to take people through. If emotions and relationships are of interest to you, as they are for most of us, I encourage you to tune into your specific Gene Keys gifts & shadows so that you may understand your triggers more clearly. The Gene Keys are so beautiful and poetic, revealing, and inspiring. I highly recommend exploring your emotional triggers as a way to evolve and love yourself more than before. As always, bring your questions.

3 calls, Total Cost: $250.00 🕯 Payment up front: Venmo preferred

Here are some other ideas that we can talk about if you prefer not to go into Human Design or the Gene Keys, during call 2 & 3:

Trip planning? Let’s cast your astro-cartography to find the best location for your soul. Have you noticed you tend to feel fine in some locations compared to others? Locations are a compliment to your energy— or not. There’s a reason for this, astro-cartography is a divine sister art that helps us find locations that support our energy. If you want to find the most harmonious location to live or travel — this is a very eye opening and FUN reading. Astro-cartography essentially is laying your astrology chart on the map of the world — this is where we learn if the location we want to be is harmonious (or neutral or not harmonious) for you. Where this gets interesting is, there are temporary (transiting) and permanent (natal) lines and, this means you can plan ahead accordingly! Having a savvy awareness of your permanent and temporary/future astro-cartography lines is an expansive advantage for both relocation and travel. Let’s say you have an exciting permanent Mercury line close to a city you’ve always wanted to travel to. And you want to write a book. And as fate would have it, Uranus is currently transiting over that same city until a year from now. In this scenario, you would want to be aware that a relocation or trip there would have the energy of sudden, unexpected changes, surprising excitement and an air of freedom, possibly creating some discomfort during this temporary transit, and I would advise to hold off on going there until Uranus has moved on. We would then look at location B on your list and see if the energy there is more relaxed and peaceful for your book-writing retreat. Casting your astro-cartography also applies to finding love, creating art, and much more.

Entrepreneur-ing? If you would like to forecast with the business planets of expansion and contraction, Jupiter & Saturn, we can look into the next 12 months to see what energies are available to you as you grow your business.

Relationship building? Know yourself first. Get cozy with Venus, Mars & the Moon. This call is a deeper dive into how you actually discover what your soul wants and then the lunar strategy to manifest it. You can absolutely have the life of your dreams, and sometimes it’s not at all what you thought it would be (and time is often the rub) — this call puts you on track to knowing your own desires.

Follow your curiosity. Let’s make sure that you’re on course with your energetic life force..

At the end of each session I will email you the audio link to our recording with your astrology chart.

One Reading Only: 90 minutes $150.00

This is a general astrology reading that can be tailored to suit your needs. We'll review your natal chart to get an overview of your energy, talents, hidden genius, and your destiny signature. We will also go into areas of tension, which are simply portals of opportunity in disguise. We'll look at current transits, progressions and your lunar cycle to deepen into your questions. If there's something you want to focus on like relationships, career or other topics of interest (perhaps you want to travel and need some astro-clues on where your soul wants to go), please let me know in advance of your time together so I may prepare your chart and offer you a thoughtful experience.    

Returning Client: 60 minutes $99.00

Some of my clients return every year for their birthday to get a Solar Return reading and discover what the flavor of their year will be. Some come back for a new relationship reading or to plan a new adventure abroad. There is much fun to be had after your general astrology reading.

Please email me to schedule your appointment. I recommend scheduling a 15 minute call before you book so that I understand your needs and concerns:

Nice Words about My Astrology Readings:

🦋 “This experience has allowed me to see myself in a new, inspired and empowered way. Aimee has a vast knowledge in these divination arts and skillfully broke it down into accessible and practical ways for a beginner like me. I appreciate all the resources she recommended and the ability to go back to the recording to learn more. This has catalysed my spiritual growth in a huge way. I’m such a fan I purchased readings for my sons and their partners. Thank you Aimee!” ~ Rochelle

🦋 "That was great call. I learned a lot." - Chad

🦋 You are my favorite support group. Thank you for teaching me all about my astrology. So much sh*t makes sense the more I learn from you. I truly appreciate your guidance, you've helped me so much.” - Taylor H

🦋 “Aimee seamlessly and effortlessly inspires others by going through and being inspired by her own growing edge, with a fine sense of aesthetic I would like to add.” Olha R

🦋 “You are blessed with people skills.”- Delphine D

🦋 “I am so impressed and overwhelmed with your depth of knowledge .. that container you hold and how you conduct your sessions." - Rochelle